Transitioning 600 resources into Technotrust Solutions Pvt Ltd. payroll in India

The Opportunity

One of India’s biggest IT companies sought to move 600+ resources to Technotrust Solution Pvt. Ltd. payroll. All support and backend experts with diverse skill sets across numerous locations in India and the US.

To fulfil deadlines, the client was looking for a partner who accommodate and manage SLAs, SOWs, retention, churn, absenteeism, and source candidates across locations.

The Solution

The team seamlessly and cost-effectively managed the entire transition to a better workforce solution. Throughout the transition, the team accomplished and sustained success by:

  •  Using empirical data to identify needs, build consensus on priorities, and develop strategic action plans.
  • Moving strategic plans into action to achieve buy-in at the executive and operations levels.
  • Controlling the impact on talent focus and morale.
  • Focusing on short-term success as a catalyst for future accomplishment.
  • Maintaining a productive and flexible workforce that supports business requirements.

The skillset closed during this process were:

  1. Back-End Support – IT Infrastructure
  2. L1-L2 –L3 Administrator and Technical Support,
  3. Project Manager – Multiple Locations.


Our Human Resource Management professionals and the People Management Office manage the required shrinkage, attrition, retention, and absenteeism

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