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Technotrust Cloud GPU Cloud Computing (GCC) is a fast, stable and elastic computing service based on GPU ideal for various scenarios such as deep learning training/inference, graphics processing and scientific computing. GCC can be managed just like a standard Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instance with speed and ease.

cloud gpu server

Cloud GPU Server & Workstation

Technotrust Solutions is a pioneer in the field of cloud computing and provides one of the most comprehensive and affordable suites of cloud services in the market. Technotrust’s Cloud GPU Server & Workstation is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) without the need for a physical server. This service provides users with access to a high-performance GPU that can be used for tasks such as 3D rendering, video editing, and gaming. The Cloud GPU Server & Workstation is also ideal for businesses that require a scalable and flexible solution for their compute needs.

The Benefits Of Cloud GPU Server & Workstation

Increased computing capacity

The main reason why experts start thinking about renting a GPU-accelerated cloud server is the lack of computing capacity. This will enable you to significantly increase the capacity of your workstations with 3D modeling.

Flexibility and stability

Customers have the option to change the server configuration and tariffs as they wish. When ordering a server, the user is assured that all technical components will work at the right speed, performance, and protection level.

24-hour monitoring

The rented cloud server is located in the Tier-III data center, where specialists monitor the machines around the clock. This ensures the availability of equipment at any time.

Cost savings

Renting a server with the required configuration and parameters will be much cheaper than buying and maintaining your own equipment. Customers can choose between hourly or monthly payments, as well as the number of GPUs, RAM, and SSD

Other Features

Technotrust’s Cloud GPU Server & Workstation is available on a monthly or yearly basis, and pricing is based on the required GPU capacity and your individual needs. Whether you’re a professional artist looking to speed up your creative workflow, or a business owner in search of a powerful virtual compute solution, Technotrust’s Cloud GPU Server & Workstation has the resources you need to get the job done. So why wait? Sign up today and start taking advantage of the power and flexibility of cloud computing!

Technotrust Solutions was founded with a vision to provide the most advanced technology solutions to SMEs, giving them access to the same computing power that only large enterprise organizations were able to enjoy. We are specialists in cloud computing and high-end GPU server & workstation rentals providing all customers with access to powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) without purchasing expensive dedicated hardware or paying high maintenance costs like other providers do. With our service you can avoid upfront investment of purchasing new equipment and maintain flexibility, adding/removing users on demand as your needs change while using top-notch GPUs at fraction of the cost!

In order to achieve this we have partnered with some leading companies in the IT industry, including: NVidia, Intel and AMD. These partnerships allow us to provide service favourable for SMEs that are struggling with high capital investments and long-term expenses for supporting their own GPUs. Our GPU server & workstation rentals are widely used by engineers, architects, and designers alike in order to solve complex problems or render 3D models quickly and efficiently, giving our clients a significant edge over the competition both in the speed of production as well as cost reduction.

We believe that access to the most advanced technology should be available to everyone regardless of their size. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you achieve more!

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