A multinational media group centralizing its employees for efficiency and cost savings

The Problem

One of the world’s major media groups needed to centralize its contingent labor management operations in India to gain greater visibility into its workforce, maximize efficiencies, and realize considerable cost savings.

The Solution

To meet the client’s far-reaching needs, Technotrust Solution Pvt. Ltd. designed a holistic Workforce Solutions program. This allowed the team and client to leverage the capabilities and competencies of a large group of specialists provided by our manpower solution. Team composition includes operational support for time and material and SOW engagements, strategic initiatives, and business intelligence. The team developed a comprehensive solution focused first on supplier optimization. To drive quality standards, the team introduced best practices, including scorecards and rules of engagement.

The team collaborated with the client on a supplier rationalization project to reduce total supplier volume and develop a higher-quality vendor pool. The team began by identifying low-engagement suppliers (those who have submitted no proposals or have responded to a very small number of requisitions). Reducing the overall number of suppliers provided opportunity for cost savings, increased efficiencies, and higher quality, in addition to generating a more manageable list.

  1. By reducing the time spent on short lists throughout the hiring process, we were able to draw in the top prospects.
  2. Successfully attracted top notch talent in fields like NLP, BI/BO, AI/ML, and data science.


By expanding the talent pool, we enabled the organization to hire faster, hire better, pay less per hire, hire more diversely, and future-proof the company. 

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