Cloud Managed Services

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Cloud Managed Services

Our team of experienced cloud professionals will take care of everything for you, from provisioning and configuration to ongoing monitoring and security. We offer a variety of cloud managed service packages to fit your specific needs, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

Technotrust Cloud Managed Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to simplify and optimize your cloud environment. We handle everything you need, so you can focus on running your business.


Our Cloud Managed Services Include:

Active Directory Management:

✓ Secure user authentication.
✓ user provisioning.
✓ password management.
✓ Ensure compliance with security regulations.

Seamless Cloud Migration:

✓ Strategic migration plan.
✓ Cloud platform of your choice.
✓ Minimize downtime and disruption during migration.

Cloud Implementation & Deployment:

✓ Design and configure your cloud.
✓ Automate infrastructure provisioning.
✓ Cloud environment is secure and scalable from the start.

24/7 Cloud Management:

✓ Proactive monitoring of your cloud infra.
✓ Patch management.
✓ Vulnerability remediation.
✓ Automated scaling to optimize resource utilization and cost efficiency.

Desktop Cloud Solutions:

✓ Virtual desktops from any device.
✓ Manage user access and permissions.
✓ Optimize desktop performance and user experience.

Cloud Database Management:

✓ Optimize database performance.
✓ Implement robust security measures.
✓ Automate database backups and disaster recovery procedures.

SAP on Cloud Expertise:

✓ Manage SAP applications over cloud.
✓ Ensure compatibility and performance.
✓ Provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Cost Optimization Strategies:

✓ Analyze your cloud spending.
✓ Leverage cloud pricing models.
✓ Resource optimization techniques.
✓ Recommend cost-effective solutions to maximize the value of your cloud investment.

ADVANTAGES OF Technotrust Cloud Managed Services

Increased Efficiency

Free up your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Improved Performance

Optimize your cloud infrastructure for optimal performance and scalability.

benefits of NOC Managed Services

Enhanced Security

Benefit from our expertise in cloud security best practices.

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing your cloud environment is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Contact Technotrust Solutions today and discover how our Cloud Managed Services can help you achieve optimal cloud performance and peace of mind.


Managed Cloud Services provide comprehensive support for your cloud infrastructure, including cloud strategy, migration, ongoing management, security, disaster recovery, and ongoing optimization.

Yes! Even with an IT team, managing the cloud can be a demanding task. Our expertise and experience can free up your IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives, while we ensure your cloud environment is optimized, secure, and performing at its best.

Our team has expertise in managing leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and OCI. We can help you choose the right platform for your specific needs.

We implement robust security measures such as access controls, encryption, and regular security patching to protect your data and applications in the cloud environment.

We develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity in case of disruptions. This includes data backups, failover strategies, and rapid recovery procedures.

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